meet our founders

Style says who you are without saying a word!

Harpreet and Mallika Singh are living testaments to this philosophy. As wedding planners and bridal stylists, their business-as-usual job has been to plan and execute weddings while connecting brides with all that makes them sparkle on their D-day. Nothing about the Singhs is usual though: they are that rare breed, a mother-daughter duo who work together to create bridal magic.

Why weddings matter so much to us

"We are in it to make wedding dreams come to life. Every bride deserves to be pampered and be given utmost attention. The idea behind The WedMarketT is two-fold; to dedicate a personal stylist to the bride and to plan the complete wedding down to the T. Our job is to take the stress on and let our clients enjoy the wedding."

Mallika Singh
Co-founder, The WedMarketT

Mallika has been passionate about weddings, fashion and style ever since she can remember! “It’s the bride’s day and we help her own it!” Mallika keenly declares as she shares some of the things they do to help brides have dream weddings. She works very closely with the couple to transform their D-day vision into reality.

With a UK management degree under her belt and having studied styling from none less than the world-renowned Milan Fashion Institute, Mallika has also been styling and curating off-beat looks for her brides. She has superior knowledge about which designers are offering what styles at what price points. “Simply share your style preference and budget and leave the rest to me” points Mallika.

“I may suck at some other things but I've got a black belt in wedding planning and shopping!” says Mallika, with a twinkle in her eye. She’s not kidding. Her ability to crack the best possible deals, sniff out talented vendors, off-the-radar designers, esoteric accessory makers and fine jewellers and to put together the entire wedding is what brides love about her.

Trust and love bonds us with our brides

“We thrive to help our brides and their wedding look ethereal on one of the most important days of their lives. Since we work so closely with our brides, we are emotionally invested in them and treat them like our family!”

Harpreet Singh
Co-founder, The WedMarketT

India’s rich heritage of design, talent and exquisite artisanal traditions make it a dream destination for a wedding. Recognising this, Harpreet Singh founded Mine N Yours Wedding Show (her very own events company) six years ago. Her impeccable taste and refined aesthetics won her a special place in the bridal space not only with leading designers but also in the hearts of her clients. Further, her specialization in economics enables her to clinch the best deals possible for her clients as she understands the business and is able to ensure a win-win for all concerned. Not surprisingly, her reputation as a wedding whisperer grew and as word of mouth spread, brides flocked to her.

“Never a dull moment!” smiles Harpreet. “Each day is exciting and different! New challenges, fresh opportunities and each minute filled with beautiful people and things.”

The blissful wedding journey

How The WedMarketT was born...

“It’s such a privilege to be part of a family’s special moment!”

The call came late at night from half way across the world. Mallika’s cousin, Simran, was getting married. Based in the US and aspiring towards a big fat destination wedding in India, Simran was clear that she wanted Harpreet and Mallika to handle everything, right down to the last wedding detail. It was a beautiful compliment and they plunged right in. Three months later, Simran’s magical wedding became the talk of the family and her uber-glam bridal look was the talk of all the young women present.

Seeing the magic that Mallika and Harpreet had wrought in this wedding, another US-based cousin, her entire family and the groom’s family, too, requested them for help. Word spread and soon, family and friends began calling up. Thus, The WedMarketT came into being.

Matching up to today's challenges

Our elegant wedding solutions transcend all issues!

“No bride should be left to fend for herself for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion!” Mallika feels very strongly about this.

This deep concern for making sure the bride is the heroine and the cynosure of all eyes on her wedding day drives the team at The WedMarketT. It’s no wonder that their steadily burgeoning client list features society brides and discerning A-listers.

“Stressing out the most important person, that is the bride, is hardly the way to go. We handle everything and our extensive network and deep connections with designers and other wedding industry experts make it easy for us to tap the most exclusive solutions in almost any area related to a wedding!” Brides are cossetted and pampered in Mallika and Harpreet’s world, that’s why they have developed a crack team with the capabilities to offer styling as well as concierge services that can handle each and every wedding detail. A huge advantage especially in the current scenario where physical restraints and precautions need to be observed.


What our Brides have to say about us

“Mallika ensured I take no stress at all. The team pampered me and took care of the tiniest detail. Everything was well organised.”

Raman Garg

“I was styled by Harpreet in a classic red Anjalee Arjun Kapoor. I absolutely loved how my look was kept chique yet comfortable. It was a beautiful experience.”

Inyatinder Singh
Royal Princess of Patiala

“It was a pleasure to be associated with Mallika and The WedaMarketT. My wedding was just as I had imagined. I can’t thank the team enough.”

Mehak Khawatra